Remove Sinowal trojan – instruction

Kadangi visai nesenai teko pagelbėti išvalant kompiuterį nuo Sinowal trojano, tad pasidalinsiu instrukcija, kaip tai padaryti. Antivirusinės programos negali ištrinti šio viruso, tad reikia perrašyti Master Boot Record, t.y. MBR. Instrukcijas pateiksiu anglų kalba, kad ir kitakalbiai galėtų pasinaudoti šia informacija.

Here you will find simple solution and instruction on how to get rid off and remove Sinowal trojan.  Sinowal trojan is also known as:

  1. Torpig
  2. Mebroot
  3. Anserin

This virus infects machine which become zombie stealing personal information. If you want to get rid of Sinowal Trojan simple anti virus scan will not help, because virus is hidden is MBR sector which is the first sector of a partitioned data storage device, i.e. your hard disk, and used for booting Windows. Here are the simple steps for Windows XP machine. I believe something similar may be done for Windows 7.

You will need Windows XP Recovery Console CD which maybe found here.

  1. You should boot your pc using Windows Recovery Console
  2. Log in as administrator
  3. Run command fixmbr
  4. When asked if you really want to overwrite your MBR, say “yes“

That’s it. You have overwritten your MBR, where Sinowal trojan was hiding. Check your computer with your favourite antivirus program, now it should be clean. If some problems persists, look at there you will find some tools and instructions for rootkit Trojan removal.


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